Refurbish waterjet


Our refurbish package for waterjet systems combines reconditioning of used machines and adaptation in any form, depending on the customer's needs. Due to our broadly based portfolio we have the possibility to realize almost every wish of the customer.


- Place of execution:

In order to generate an uncomplicated procedure, the reconstructions are carried out either in our company or directly at your site.


- Intensity:

Depending on the condition and specifications of the customer, the machine can be reconditioned in any form. For this purpose we offer three so-called stages.


  1. Basic refurbish: 
    Which includes a check of the existing control system as well as functional testing of all mechanical components. Test runs of the machine with program sequences and exchange of all necessary components to guarantee a trouble-free function of the machine, measurement and documentation
  1. Advanced refurbish:
    Includes an additional exchange of the control system including the replacement of all electronics, switch cabinet, terminal boxes, motors and sensors. In addition, worn mechanical components will be replaced by agreement in order to guarantee an acceptable accuracy of the machine.
  1. Premium refurbish:
    Also offers a complete optical overhaul of the machine as follows Cleaning of the machine incl. sandblasting of all parts and new painting in industrial quality. All flexible covers are also replaced, any HD components are replaced and all moving drive components are replaced.

Thus we guarantee the quality of a new plant at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The accuracy as well as the tolerances of the system also correspond to a new system of the original machine manufacturer.







Regardless of the chosen intensity of the Refurbish, we respond to all your wishes with our extensive know-how in waterjet cutting. An impressively large portfolio of applications is already integrated in the control system as a basis. For example, integrated remote diagnosis, direct selection of individual contours / parts for cutting without having to intervene in the CNC code, cutting head-sand-feeder combinations can be selected directly in the HMI, angle compensation to minimize the alignment of a sheet on the cutting table, fully customizable plain text alarms and messages, the possibility to adapt the names of the individual keys on the machine to simplify the use of the machine even more individually, simple folder management through integrated Explorer, stored service/loading position and much more.

But to make the whole thing a new experience for you, it is our declared goal to adapt the machine to your needs and not the other way around. This enables us to avoid the many compromises that a standardized machine entails.

Whether you are interested in a new design of a drag chain integration, would like to have an individual extraction system integrated, or would like to realize a specially developed cutting technology, it does not matter.

From completely new constructions to integration into a production line, increase in the number of cutting heads, integration of a 3D cutting system to automated loading, all this will be individualized during a preliminary discussion.


- We offer an adapted software package, which has been developed in direct cooperation between IT and the control system manufacturer and which is constantly being developed further in order to constantly improve the processes in our company as well as yours. If desired, you can also use your own CAD/CAM system, we will be happy to support you in integrating such a system.


- Integration of an existing stand-alone HD pump is also possible, as well as the combination of the overhauled machine with a used (if desired also overhauled) pump, or of course also with a new, highly efficient and very intelligent Proline pump from Projet with full integration into the control system of the machine.


 - We also offer training in machine operation, pump operation, maintenance of all components as well as safety instructions for the operators. On customer request we realize a production support by technical specialists with many years of experience in waterjet cutting to make the integration of the system / pump as complication-free, fluent and pleasant as possible. Of course, such support can also be used for process optimization


- We take care of methodically implemented safety systems as well as the new issue of a CE for components up to the complete system



Industry 4.0


The possibilities offered by digitization and the exchange of information are likely to find their way into any industrial processing. In waterjet cutting, this change has become more and more apparent in the last 10 years. We have set ourselves the clear goal of being one of the most creative and individual users in this segment. Constant further development is our drive and is ambitiously pursued. The following are some examples of how this is reflected in our application:

 - Thanks to Ethernet connection, integration into a process flow is seamlessly possible.

The existing system can be extended without restrictions according to customer specifications. Whether a period of time before the end of the program a subsequent process step is to be provided, or automated cleaning systems are connected, e.g. to guarantee process safety without the need for a human being to be on site, there are no limits to creativity. Whatever helps the customer to achieve better processing can be intelligently controlled by our control system. It is also possible to integrate a camera system directly, both for monitoring and remote control.


- By using an online monitoring software, in our case AnyDesk/Teamviewer, access to the machine can be realized for everyone who benefits from it.

- The work preparation is always up to date on the status of the machine process.

- Maintanance has a constant overview of any error messages and access to a logbook from which the error history of the last time can be seen.


- Online monitoring also generates a major aspect of online support.

- In case of problems, a technician is available for online support within the shortest possible time, as we are able to support via PC, tablet as well as smartphone and even have access to the parameterization of the system.

- Of course the customer has the same possibilities by using the same third party software

- In connection with a service contract a service button is integrated for direct error messages to us. In addition, we can, if desired, carry out remote maintenance at a pre-defined interval, during which the condition of the machine is checked without the customer having to worry about anything.

From 2021 on we also offer xmremote, which uses a virtual camera to take online support to a new level, since it provides clear explanations and guidance


- By integration of a GSM - 4G module in the switch cabinet, a real-time communication can be realized, e.g. with an emergency telephone, if a problem occurs at the plant. Here, ready-made text messages are sent to the cell phone, the customer can then either access the machine directly via third-party software to see what is wrong, or even send back certain commands to the machine via SMS for external operation.

- Furthermore, by pressing an integrated service button, an SMS can also be sent directly to our emergency service cell phone to enable the fastest possible help.

- If required, the control system can display warning messages about maintenance requirements, which must be confirmed by pressing the reset button. These messages are based on the actual cutting time and can, for example, indicate tool checks, relubrication of the system, planning of maintenance or similar. These messages appear only at the end of the program in order not to disturb the process


 - In almost all cases, the changeover to our control system still offers a great advantage. Since we are not limited by virtual cache for programming, we can run the programs as large as we want. This results in a considerably longer cutting time with shorter makeready times. It is also no longer necessary to run several programs in succession to create a very complex part. This also reduces the potential for errors.


- Our multiple program sequence offers the possibility to run up to 10 programs fully automatically one after the other. Each program has its own zero point, so there is no problem if the material or even the thickness changes in between. This means that a suitably large machine can work for days on end or, with a divided safety concept, it can even be reloaded during cutting.


- A high-priority folder can be defined in the machine. If programs are placed by the job preparation, a message appears on the control system after the current program is finished, indicating that there are jobs with priority. Only when the job preparation gets the message that the job is finished, it will be moved or deleted.



Some of these are stored in the control system, others can be installed and adapted as an option at the customer's request. Herewith we would like to show you what is possible and of course encourage you to think about how we can help you. We are available for questions and individual solutions.


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