With Dynamic Access you get instant diagnostic support

This service provides the means of remote access to your Cutting Box by Shape Process Automation personnel when it needs a diagnostic support or download new software. If some troubleshooting of the Cutting Boxes software is needed, it can be done remotely with this service. Your Cutting Box can get the needed support from anywhere and the support costs will drastically be reduced.

A small device is mounted on the Cutting Box and the functionality is similar to a router. This allows SPA technicians to connect to the Cutting Box through the pre-installed SIM-card in the device. A fully secure VPN tunnel is set up to your Cutting Box


  • Reduces support costs drastically.
    • Troubleshoot the Cutting Boxes software remotely.
    • Less downtime and faster return to full capacity with Dynamic Access.


Please note

The device needs internet connection through 4g and comes with a pre-installed SIM-card.  
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